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Colour lithograph by the Walraven Book Cover Enterprise, 1992. A blue semi-circle with a jagged inner representing the logo of the Associazione Nazionale per la lotta contro l'AIDS. A blood red flame bearing a white syringe pointing up towards the word 'AIDS' in blue letters a drug safety and AIDS prevention advertisement by the Committee on AIDS Hanoi. A blood droplet containing an illustration of a wounded patient in bandages lying in a hospital bed getting a blood transfusion surrounded by photos of war-torn villages and violence an anti-AIDS advertisement. A blond-haired woman holds up a thumb wearing a blown up condom with the statement 'Without a condom? ' French version of a series of 'Stop SIDA' campaign posters by the l'Aide Suisse contre le SIDA, in collaboration with the Federal Office of Public Health. A block of flats which turns into a packet of cigarettes, surrounded by factories with smoking chimneys representing the pollutant effects of cigarette smoking.

  • A red pencil standing vertical inside a white line-drawn condom representing an advertisement for a advantage concert by the Bluesbreakers in Klagenfurt, Austria, to mark three years of AIDS-Hilfe in Austria.

  • A red ribbon representing an advertisement for an details line by The AIDS Network.

  • A rentboy delivers himself topic to use of a condom an advertisement for protected sex by the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Colour lithograph by Martin E. Kautter and Wolfgang Mudra.

  • A red orchid with a yellow stamen leans in towards a white orchid representing 'Love Question No 91', how do you make your feelings known, who turns you on?

  • A red ribbon representing Aids awareness at the centre of a series of hearts with text an advertisement for the National Aids Helpline by the Liverpool Health Promotion Service.

Every single Gille had a straw basket hanging from 1 side of his belt and filled with oranges, with which he bombarded the spectators as he danced along, guys appointed for the purpose following close behind to see that the baskets have been kept filled. A general battle of oranges amongst Gilles and carnival merrymakers ensued, lasting till the procession reached the town hall. In front of this, on a platform, sat the mayor and his officials, and right here the Gilles terminated the day’s festivities by a sort of war dance which gave them a likelihood to show what they could do. From there we were off after extra to pay a visit to the ruins of the old château of Havré, after the stronghold and residence of the de Croÿ household. It rose higher out of a stagnant moat, all gray and pinkish, with irregular architecture and a tall tower with a bulbous prime. From this rose the cross of Lorraine, for the de Croÿs quartered their arms with this wonderful household. The château was pretty stately and magnificent, and its courtyard, all grass-grown, must have seen fine sights in its day.

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Chadima, 1990 (?). Angels drawn by youngsters fly across red wires joined to syringes marketing a family members Christmas charity event in help of AIDS-affected youngsters and their parents in Berlin.
A boy with a single hand on his hip looks looks directly out at the viewer with an interview about the reality of AIDS advertisement by the U.S. A boy looks up at two hands exchanging a packet of drugs representing a warning about the dangers of injecting drugs and contracting AIDS issued in Spanish by the New York State Wellness Division. A bottle pouring champagne into a glass on which sits a condom packet a safe-sex and AIDS prevention advertisement by Imifap, and Conasida. A book cover designed as a board game about safer sex dangers.
Lifting for the launch demanded removal of the trailer neck on day four of the operation. Stick to that, as they say, but somehow Rambler 88 managed to outdo the drama, as she did the final stage from Rathlin Island to Wicklow in just part of the a single span of daylight on Monday. But by the time she came calling the wind had veered and as a result she was in a position to lay the whole way down the Irish Sea to the finish, and was travelling at full chat as she came into the line. diveboat was hoisted ashore at Dunbeg by Oban. Four days later she was aboard the reefer ship Svartfoss at Grimsby, bound for a rendezvous in the Arctic with the killer whale, Orcinus orca, biggest of the world's oceanic dolphins.

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A British postage stamp like a portrait of the film-actor Stan Laurel, representing monthly meetings for HIV-good people today at the Kultur+ Café, Berlin. Colour lithograph right after Kintscher, ca. The AIDS red ribbon with a list of some of the ten,000 folks infected with HIV in Costa Rica an advertisement to mark Planet AIDS Day by the Fundasida, Division of AIDS control, Ministry of Overall health, Costa Rica. The AIDS red ribbon with a list of AIDS helplines available in Germany an advertisement by Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. top escort babes belgium by Lucy Rüttgers. escort brussels with a security pin and message to put on it to make the difference advertisement by the Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Overall health Centre. Arrows forming the word "AIDS" piercing hearts with the word Stop on best representing the danger of promiscuity in spreading AIDS. Colour lithograph right after J.

The back view of a naked person being caressed by a man advertising protected sex to avoid HIV transmission. Victorian AIDS Council and Gay Men's Overall health Centre. The back view of a man holding a condom advertising secure sex. Colour lithograph by Michael Sabanosh for the Gay Men's Well being Crisis, 1989. Obtain a brick campaign to make new wellness training centres for AMREF in Kenya. Colour lithograph by AMREF, ca.

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How US and Foreign Intel Agencies Interfered in a US Election.

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An army of red persons behind a blue barrior bearing sparkling religious symbols attempting to quell a group of red devils bearing the word 'AIDS' and holding forks an advertisement to use religions as a shield against AIDS by the Catholic Commision on AIDS. An apple with a green condom alternatively of a fruit representing protection against AIDS.

A bird within a golden vessel emitting red flames and appearing to hang from a chain from the sky with a rainbow beyond an anti-AIDS advertisement. A bird with outstretched wings representing the Stichting de Regenboog (the Rainbow Foundation for the care of the homeless and drug-addicted) with the repeated word 'AIDS', 'drugs' and 'buddy'. A huge red ribbon against peaceful sunset-lit clouds representing solidarity in Poland with HIV positive persons. Colour lithograph, 200- (?). A bicycle with two green condoms rather of wheels representing protection against AIDS.
At 1st only workmen appeared in the line, then tiny shopkeepers, and later experienced males. Six thousand meals a day have been served in Brussels alone in the autumn. In some locations a single significant baker’s bun a day was all that was issued by the authorities in other areas, one bowl of cabbage soup. By April there were forty-seven soup kitchens in Brussels. seven pounds of complete wheat or white flour, 3 pounds of sugar, two pounds of tea, and six ounces of salt.
With a rage bordering on grief they believed they would have to capitulate instantly.’ The Belgians lost 10,000 males. They attacked once again, and the enemy was forced to repass the Yser red with blood, and they were chased ten miles towards the north.
A bee with legs perches on the edge of a petal poised to pollinate the centre of a purple flower an AIDS awareness initiative advertisement about by Ribe and Vjle Counties Health, Denmark. Colour lithograph by Jens Bach Andersen, 1992. A bare-chested man holding a red telephone to his ear advertisement for the AIDS hotline by the AIDS Project Los Angeles. A baker supports pies on his head though holding loaves and doughnuts with 4 symbols of assistance representing assistance for HIV good people.