Common Energy Drink Side Effects

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Before you purchase any energy drink, factors to consider to read the product's ingredients. If you are not careful, you might just end up buying a power drink that doesn't work for you. Luckily, there are some things you can do to avoid these side effects. Here are five of these:

Caffeine - Most energy beverages contain large amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates your body. If the kidneys aren't functioning properly, you can have problems with kidney stones, which are caused once the water content in urine is low enough. High levels of dehydration can increase blood circulation pressure, cause heart conditions, and also result in death whether it's taken too long.

Heart conditions - Some individuals suffer from angina pectoris, an agonizing condition brought on by excessive heartbeats. These people should stay away from energy drinks, especially energy drinks that contain caffeine. Because caffeine itself is really a diuretic, it dehydrates your body. This can lead to edema (water in the joints), heart attacks, or kidney stones. In addition, it has been shown that diuretics are often associated with high blood pressure, so diuretics should be avoided whenever possible.

Depression - Energy drinks may also be packed with anti-depressant caffeine. Some brands include Aspirin, which is known to be effective for treating depression. However, Aspirin can have some serious side effects, including complications from surgery, and increased bleeding in those with hemorrhagic stroke. Some studies show that energy drink s are connected with an increased risk of heart attacks, so in case you have a healthy heart, you should stay away from them. They are able to actually worsen a heart condition, instead of treating it.

Muscle cramps - There have been studies about the effect energy beverages can have on the body, particularly when it comes to fatigue. While caffeine is known to keep your body running at a higher rate, energy drinks can cause the body to feel exhausted quickly. Also, while caffeine may temporarily make one feel more alert, energy beverages are full of simple sugars, that may have the opposite influence on the body. So stay away from energy drinks if you want to stay healthy and alert!

Headaches - A common complaint with energy drink users is headaches. Although caffeine isn't the only ingredient to blame for this, the combination of it and alcohol can simply result in a headache. The headache is caused by the increased blood circulation pressure. Caffeine and alcohol are well-known factors behind migraines.

Stomach cramps - An extremely annoying side effect of energy drinks is cramping up your stomach. This happens due to the large amount of caffeine that is typically within these drinks. However, gleam chemical called guarana within energy drinks that can also lead to stomach cramps. It is important to drink at least eight cups of water after drinking energy beverages, as a way to help alleviate the stomach cramps. It's worth noting that although guarana is a natural ingredient, you should still contact your doctor when you are sensitive to it.

Heart palpitations - Some people experience palpitations when they drink energy drink. Simply because the caffeine content inside them causes stimulation of the center. If you experience this side-effect often, then you should be careful about increasing your intake of them. Also, don't drink energy drink regularly, as the caffeine may become addictive. If you follow these tips, you can decrease the ramifications of energy drink and steer clear of experiencing any unpleasant unwanted effects.

Skin rashes - Energy drinks are also recognized to cause skin rashes. This is mainly because caffeine is a diuretic, which means it will dehydrate your body. Dehydration can result in flushing your system with sweat, that may then show on your own face. It's always best to consume your energy drinks after washing your hands, in order to avoid the skin irritation from occurring. Again, it is critical to contact your doctor before consuming energy drinks so as to make sure that you don't experience this unpleasant side effect.

Abdominal pain - This is one of the most common energy drink unwanted effects. The reason for this can be a high amount of caffeine that is present in energy drinks. However, energy drink side effects are also associated with the acidity that is within other carbonated drinks. Invest the these drinks, you ought to be sure to contact your doctor in order to discover how your stomach feels. You could have to undergo an uncomfortable detox to get gone the caffeine poisoning, or you may simply be experiencing indigestion due to your system not being used to such a higher level of acidity.

Heartburn - Once you combine the high level of caffeine and acid, you'll find yourself experiencing heartburn. However, this is actually a common occurrence with all carbonated beverages. You'll just have to be cautious when taking energy drink unwanted effects like heartburn. Always check with your doctor before consuming energy drink products to ensure that they don't exacerbate your symptoms. This is especially important when you are taking certain medications, as some medications will counteract what of certain carbonated beverages. For instance, you might like to contact your doctor in case you are taking medication for high blood pressure.