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We have talked about the significance of insulating your house to save energy and income. Although you happen to be at it, why not go a stage even more-for the very good of the setting and your well being-with environmentally pleasant insulation? There are a great deal of possibilities accessible proper now. Here are a number of.


Keep squander out of the landfill and stay heat by opting for recycled insulation. Recycled insulation may possibly be made from a variety of resources, such as melted minerals and sand or recycled glass (fiberglass), recycled newspaper (cellulose, paper), recycled metal slag (rockwool), and mill waste and minimal-quality and recycled cotton (cotton).

One recycled-content insulation that has obtained very a great deal of push lately is UltraTouch Organic Cotton Fiber Insulation, produced by Bonded Logic. This insulation is manufactured from eighty five per cent submit-industrial cotton (consider denim manufacturing scraps). It is taken care of with a all-natural fire retardant, is a hundred percent recyclable, and is VOC-cost-free.


HempFlax insulation mats are produced from organic hemp fibers with some polyester fiber for reinforcing. They are offered in a number of thicknesses for insulating roofs, partitions, and flooring. Hemp processing is clean and lower on dust.

Sheep's Wool

Thermafleece sheep's wool insulation is created by 2nd Nature. Sheep's wool is secure and straightforward to deal with and, in contrast to traditional insulation, won't result in itching and skin irritation. In addition, wool captures carbon dioxide from the ambiance which, in accordance to the business website, offers Thermafleece a adverse world-wide warming potential.

Spray-In Foam

Spray-in foam starts off out as a liquid and, once it is sprayed, expands and solidifies, functioning as an air barrier to stop far more than ninety per cent of air infiltration and reducing allergens and pollution in your residence. Some spray-in foam is loaded with substances, but other individuals, like Icynene, are h2o-blown and do not offgas terrible chemical compounds. (Icynene is totally free of formaldehyde also.)


Another spray-in option: soy-primarily based polyurethane, created by BioBased Insulation. It truly is made with soybean oil, so there are not any petrochemicals, and you won't have to be concerned about mould growth (or pests eating it). Soy-based mostly polyurethane is also free of CFCs and VOCs. 145mm isotherm insulation was the initial polyurethane spray foam insulation to receive GREENGUARD certification.


Okay. This insulation is not produced exclusively from mushrooms. But Greensulate is manufactured from agricultural waste merchandise-believe rice and buckwheat hulls-mixed with mycelium, which is a fibrous community developed by mushrooms. The petroleum-cost-free insulation is priced equivalent to normal rigid board insulation (like Styrofoam) and has a equivalent R-benefit. And, probably best of all, when you happen to be carried out with it, Greensulate will rapidly break down, enriching the soil and even assisting nearby squander breakdown also. The only catch? You may have to wait around a although to try it out-it probably will not be offered as insulation right up until the finish of 2010 (even though you can get other Greensulate products, such as coolers, now).