Reasons to use Reusable Makeup Remover Rounds

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Switching to a reusable anything is usually a far better alternative for the surroundings! So, when we discussed our fabulous Reusable Makeup Pads with you guys, we knew we were on a winner. Together with our washable removal pads, then you don't have to give up the ease of single-use cotton wool pads. They will keep both your skin and also our superb planet clean! Find out our top 5 reasons why you must make the swap...

The disposable cotton pads these Reusable Makeup Padsreplace are terrible for Earth! The biggest issues with cotton pads stems from the use of substances (especially pesticides), the usage of water and the elimination of wildlife habitats to make way for agricultural land to grow cotton. To use this cotton for just 1 use appears to be horrifying once you think about just how much damage it causes! To make matters worse, disposable cotton pads arrive wrapped in single-use plastic -- and do not even get us started disposable plastics!

Fortunately, these Makeup Pad alternatives are reusable, helping to minimise the impact of the cotton industry.

These Reusable Makeup Pads work wonders on our skin! The pads are made from a mixture of cotton and bamboo fibres. The softness of those fabrics makes them perfect for all skin types. The collection includes 18 ultra-soft, velvet pads which are excellent for sensitive areas such as the eyes and for removing regular makeup. It is possible to use these velvety-soft pads for applying toners, creams or even makeup powder should you really feel as if you want. The collection also includes 4 scrub pads that are fantastic for cleaning off stubborn products (goodbye red lipstick stains!) And lightly moisturize the skin.

Reusing does not have to be a chore. Once used, just collect the bamboo makeup pads at the net bag they come packaged in, so that they don't get lost in the washing machine - such as most of our lost socks! Then, the maker recommends washing them in the laundry machine in 40°C to kill off any bacteria. We would also recommend air drying them rather than ironing.

Our throw-away culture has become a serious problem and it is time to kick some customs by substituting single-use items with more eco-friendly products. One of the greatest things about those Reusable Makeup Pads is they'll serve you for quite a long time. This means once you've made the change to reusable items, you'll find that you don't need to buy any more makeup pads for a long time. By making one small investment, you'll save loads of cash as well as minimising your impact on the environment -- double win!

The majority of disposable cotton makeup remover pads are packed inside a dreadful plastic sleeve. Considering that the typical girl gets through roughly a single sleeve per month, that's a whole lot of wasted plastic! But don't worry, these two reusable pads and their packaging are 100% plastic-free.

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