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The wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to make their way into the mouth. They stay tucked away under the gum tissue until the late teens or early twenties and that is when they begin to make their presence known. Some people have problematic wisdom teeth that end up needing to be removed. Sometimes, the patient simply does not have any room left in their mouth and sometimes, the teeth become impacted and cannot push through the gum tissue. With bulk bill dentist adelaide , individuals will understand what they can expect when they need the Vancouver Dentist to remove their wisdom teeth.

How Is the Procedure Carried Out?

Sometimes, only dentist werribee needs to be removed, while others may need to have all four removed. If all four are being removed at once, the oral surgery will likely take place under general anesthesia so the patient will remain asleep much of the time. Once no gaps dental is under anesthesia, the dentist will begin the work of removing the wisdom teeth.

The goal of this procedure is to remove the teeth without causing any damage to the jawbone or surrounding teeth. Because these teeth are so large and sometimes have much denser roots, they often need to be removed in pieces. The dentist will work to remove the pieces as carefully as possible, making sure all debris from the tooth is removed.

Wisdom tooth removal sometimes creates large openings in the gum tissue. The dentist will check these openings to see if they appear as if they will heal on their own. If the infection was in place, the dentist will pack the tooth with gauze and medication to aid in the healing process. The socket will not be sutured closed until all signs of infection are clear.

The Healing Process

If the opening is closed with sutures, they will dissolve over time and will not need to be removed. If the socket is left open, it is imperative the patient does not drink through a straw or smoke during the healing process. Doing such can lead to the clot becoming dislodged and the nerve is exposed. This creates what is called a dry socket and it can become very painful, so great caution should be taken in caring for the socket after surgery.

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